Uses for Colloidal Silver

99.99% pure silver

EYE INFECTIONS (pink eye, conjunctivitis, sty)—Two drops, three to four times per day. A quality colloidal silver formula is very soothing to the eyes.*
EAR INFECTIONS—10 drops, leave for two minutes, repeat three to four times per day.*
NASAL INFECTIONS—One to two dropperfuls, while in sitting position with your head tilted back. Leave in for two minutes, then swallow; repeat three to four times per day.*
MOUTH AND GUM INFECTIONS—Hold one to two teaspoons on area inside mouth for a couple of minutes, then swallow; repeat three to four times a day.*
NAIL FUNGUS—Spray or use dropper several times a day. Depending on severity, protocol can go on for days or a couple of weeks.*
FOOT ODOR—Spray well in the morning and at night.*
COLDS AND FLU-Hold one to two teaspoons under tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow. Repeat every hour or two, preferably on an empty stomach.*
—Gargle one to two tablespoons for two minutes, then swallow; repeat five times per day. If using spray, spray throat 10 to 15 times every hour or two.*
TOPICALLY (cuts, scrapes, burns, infections)—Spray five to 10 times; repeat five times per day.*
FOOD POISONING OR DYSENTERY—Swallow one tablespoon directly (every hour) without holding under tongue. Take on an empty stomach.*
—Same as food poisoning.*
RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS—Place one teaspoon in a nebulizer and inhale for 10 minutes; repeat three times per day.*
VAGINAL INFECTIONS—Take one part silver and two parts distilled water; hold inside for a couple minutes; repeat two times per day.*
CANDIDA ALBICANS—Swallow one tablespoon of silver with one tablespoon of aloe vera on an empty stomach three times per day. Take a quality probiotic before going to bed. Follow protocol for two weeks to three months.*
TRAVELER'S DIARRHEA—Swallow one teaspoon three to seven times per day. (Don't leave home without it.)*
WATER PURIFICATION—Apply one to two tablespoons per gallon of water.*

*Disclaimer: The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.