Biker Lip Balms- Some Silly, Some Vulgar, Some only a Rider will understand!

Naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal. Experience the healing effects of our Silver Infused Lip Balm. Use of this amazing product can revitalize and relieve dryness in addition to the therapeutic qualities bestowed by the power of silver. Excellent for treatment of dry, chapped lips, cold sores, fever blisters and to promote healthy, beautiful lips! It's Natural with no artificial preservatives, is SPF 15, and best of all,


Honestly Silver Lip Laughter

99.99% pure silver

Medical Profession Lip Balm- Some Silly, Some Gross and Some only the Medics will get!

All natural Lip Balms with flavors that will have people laughing. This lip balm will help chapped lips by adding moisture and protection with the healing power of pure silver.