99.99% pure silver

About our Products

Honestly Silver presents a line of silver products that are of the purest and finest quality. Silver has been used for centuries from medicinal  to water purification purposes.  Some even call it miracle water.  Every bottle is a dark amber glass which will keep this light sensitive product as pure and charged as the day it was packaged.

All of our products, from our silver line, to our organics are all proudly made in the USA

At Honestly Silver we take all prudent steps to ensure that you are getting the fair quality product you expect and deserve. Honestly Silver Colloidal is a mineral supplement that is uniquely manufactured using only the finest 99.99% purest silver electrodes while simultaneously being oxinated with our very own process using the purest distilled water that we test for absolutely no impurities. While some companies have an impurity allowance, we find that unacceptable. We share with our customers the exact product we give our own families.  Our Colloidal is time specific electromagnetically charged using precise voltage and current that has been uniquely tuned per volume. This process assures consistently repeatable results providing the smallest .0008 micron particles. The smaller the particle, the better the absorption. There are products providing 50-500 ppm but the particle size is much larger creating an "in one end, out the other" effect which provides little to no absorption

We also offer a new product, Organic Elderberry Syrup. Which is another amazing natural product. Our Organic products are also all from the United States. There are absolutely no preservatives or other artificial flavors. No grain alcohol or  artificial sweeteners. So rest assured when we say all natural, we honestly mean it.